Beatrice Joan Wilson Powell (October 11, 1934 – February 14, 2021)

Beatrice Joan Wilson Powell (October 11, 1934 – February 14, 2021)

This February we saw the passing of our mother/grandmother. Pictures for February will be included in the March blog. Obituary:

David James Powell, September 26, 1934 – November 21, 2020

Thanksgiving 2017, David James Powell, here with his wife and seven grandchildren.

David James Powell (Obituary at Whidbey News Times) passed this November 21, 2020. Not bad, considering in 1997 he had a double bypass heart surgery, and since has had a stent and pacemaker, along with various procedures and medications. His made the age of 86, when he died due to congestive heart failure, in the presence his three children, son-in-law Stig, and six of his seven grandchildren. Nikolai, Sarah and Stig’s son, was in Norway attending school.

He held out, and kept breathing until all of his family were there in the same room, a powerful moment full of sorrow and memory.

The previous Saturday Dad had played poker with senior center friends, the same day youngest daughter Min arrived with her three children from Hawaii. We had hoped to spend Thanksgiving together.

His wife, Beatrice Joan Wilson Powell, has been in a long term care facility, and was not able to be with him or her family physically since March, although we have been able to visit her at the door. Recently we have connected on video.

Our family is now celebrating his life and will have a memorial on Whidbey Island in the future. The following photos are in his memory. The link to his obituary above contains more details about his life.

PHOTOS – His studio: Sarah, after years overseas, bought the house next door that had a studio, and here is where he spent his last years. The following are shots from where he spent his last days:

Near his bed he had this photo of Thanksgiving 2017 again, w/wife, children & grandchildren
On the left, Dad visiting Min and Sarah in Golden, Colorado, where they both attended Colorado School of Mines. On the right is a picture of my wife and I on our wedding day.
His bed, and four paintings done by his wife, our mother.
His view, with more paintings

Goodbye: He served 30 years in the Navy, and the men that came wrapped his body in a flag before they took him away.

With (from L to R) cousin Satori, Kaya, cousins Orion and Damien.

Season Ticket Holders: Sarah had given us a birthday present of Mariners season tickets.

Sarah bought my dad and I “tickets,” cut-outs in the outfield, for the Seattle Mariners, which she received at the end of the year.

Photos from the past:

Winter 2007 w/Ava & Gia
March 2007 – Gia, Dad, Ava, Me

With Ava

August, 2016: My birthday, with parents, kids, niece, and nephews (l to r – back, Nikolai, Ye-ye, Ava, front, Orion, Gia, Damien, Nai-nai, Kaya, Satori)
July, 2012: My Dad, Gia, Ava, Dad Chopra, Son Chopra
October, 2011: Father in a kayak, Terry & Gia watching, one of my favorite pictures.